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Juko-Kai on Television

The videos below are just a few examples from various televeision shows that have aired featuring juko-Kai demonstrations by Rod Sacharnoski and his world renown Combat-Ki students. Shown are segments demonstrating kicks and strikes to the vital areas of the human body as featured on History Channel, Fox Sports Science and others. Strikers and kickers include members of the Dallas Cowboys Football Team, Genki Sudo (a well known Japanese martial artist and UFC/K1 champion) and American Gladiator and MMA Fighter Justice Smith.

Stan Lee’s  Superhumans on History Channel features Kirby Roy and Juko-Kai ‘s Combat Ki

Fox Sports Science featuring Juko-Kai (part 1)

Fox Sports Science featuring Juko-Kai (part 2)

Genki Sudo visits Juko-Kai in Indiana  …aired on Japanese TV