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Juko Kai International Makes On Fox Sports Science

On April 26, 2009 the hit show Fox Sport Science featured Dai-Soke Rod Sacharnoski’s world-famous death-defying Combat Ki. True to their name, Fox Sport Science researched, measured, recorded and proved not only that this amazing modern physical marvel is 100% real, but that it continues to intrigue and stand alone in the category of extreme martial arts.

Here Are The Facts!

1.  Fox Sport Science began the 15 minute segment by showing clips of Dai-Soke’s Combat Ki masters taking all types of shots to the vital areas of the human body.  These were great.

2.  From there, they stood a volunteer before a tennis ball throwing machine to measure what it would take for a tennis ball to hit his testicles and knock him down and decommission him.  The man was hit by a machine-thrown tennis ball which put him down and out.  The tennis ball only hit him with 68 pounds of pressure.  The man’s heart rate, once he had been hit, sky rocketed from a normal heart beat to 182 beats per minute.

3.  Next they went to Kirby Roy (one of Dai-Soke’s top students) and had Justice Smith (6’8″ tall, 290 lbs of solid muscle) of American Gladiator fame, strike Kirby full power with a knife hand strike to the Adam’s apple.  The blow measured in at 22mph and better than 600 lbs. of pressure per square inch.  This is equivalent to having Kirby lay on the floor and have someone drop a bowling ball directly on his throat from 9 feet. This powerful blow never fazed Kirby! In fact, when asked how he felt he simply stated that he was – get this – “thirsty”!  The Fox Sport Science team was amazed!  As you can imagine, such a blow would normally crush the esophagus and easily kill a person.

4.  The Fox Sport Science team then measured the kicking power of Justice on a dummy equipped with measuring monitors.  He kicked the dummy with better than 1,000 lbs. of pressure per square inch.  He kicked with the entire shin instead of the foot which made the kick extremely deadly. Remember that the human test dummy dropped to his knees in agony with just 68 pounds of pressure – the question begged, could Kirby really survive such a lethal kick, let alone stand there and smile as if nothing happened?

5.  They then had Kirby stand up (Kirby had monitoring devices on him as did Justice) at which time Justice kicked him with a full-power shin kick to the testicles!  It never fazed Kirby!  Kirby’s heart rate was 85 before he was kicked…it stayed at 85 after the kick—it didn’t even go up a beat!  The actual kick to Kirby’s testicles measured 1,100 lbs. per square inch! A world record! Justice himself commented that a kick like that would ordinarily be fatal. He was astounded that “nothing” happened! Justice also offered his testimonial that what he kicked was pure flesh; nothing between his shin and Kirby’s testicles other than Kirby’s pants, even further astounding the science team as to how this was possible. Despite the multitude of questions being raised, while on camera and hooked up to various measuring devices, in front of doctors, scientists and eyewitnesses, the facts are undeniable, proving beyond any doubt the validity of Combat Ki.

6.  The scientific team then offered various explanations of what took place within the body.  Standing relaxed and taking a kick measuring 1,100 lbs. per square inch was 15 times stronger than the tennis ball that dropped the volunteer. 

**  As a reminder, although hailed as “the most dangerous martial arts demonstration performed”, unlike more common American martial sports, Juko-Kai International martial arts are used for self-defense purposes and personal development and are never used for competition or sport. All demonstrations are executed by professional masters of Juko-Kai and Combat Ki™ and should never be attempted without proper training and certification.  

Combat-Ki™ techniques are based upon Dai-Soke’s authentic internal energy breathing in conjunction with coordinated mind, body, and breath control. Combat-Ki™ is taught only to Juko-Kai members, and not the general public.  To be considered for membership and training, you may submit an application.