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About Juko-Ryu Hakutsuru Karate-Jutsu

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Juko-Ryu Hakutsuru Karate Jutsu

Juko-Kai International has a very special Karate-jutsu division known as Juko-ryu Hakutsuru (White Crane) Karate-jutsu. This is a founder-ship art of Soke Sacharnoski who has researched and studied the Crane arts for many years.

What makes this system unique is that it is based upon both the Okinawan and Chinese Crane styles and is a complete martial art consisting of three divisions that, when combined, form a total combat style.

The three divisions are Karate-Jutsu (hard-fist), Kin-da (grappling/controlling), and Kobu-Jutsu (weaponry).

It took Soke Sacharnoski approximately 12 years to develop his Crane forms which depict his interpretation of the White Crane. This is a combat art and does not contain sport elements such as found in most modern Karate styles. To study this system, one must become proficient in both hard and soft applications of technique combined with Soke Sacharnoski’s world renown Ki-Breath. Learning this system of the White Crane is not an easy task;  it requires an in-depth commitment on the practitioner’s part.