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About Shorin-RYu Karatejutsu

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Juko-Kai maintains a closed Shorin-ryu Karatejutsu division that is a formal Sokeship (foundership) art of Soke Rod Sacharnoski,10th Dan. Soke Sacharnoski founded his Shorin-ryu Karatejutsu system in the late 1980s after earning his Shihan (master instructor) license in Seidokan (Shorin-ryu) Karate under Shian Toma, Soke/10th Dan, President of the All Okinawa Seidokan Karate and Kobudo Renmei, Okinawa/Japan.

Today, almost all Karate is classified as a sport. Juko-Kai is one of the few organizations that teaches the empty-hand art as a Karatejutsu method (non-sport for the sole purpose of self-defense). Juko-Kai Karatejutsu is a total  martial art that contains traditional Shorin-ryu Karate, Toide (grappling arts), and Kobudo (Okinawan weapons). On September 01, 2001, Rod Sacharnoski was graded to 9th Dan Hanshi in Seidokan Karate, Kobudo, and Toide by Soke Toma of Okinawa/Japan. He is one of the very few non-Asians to ever achieve a 9th dan grading from a traditional Okinawan master.

Juko-Kai Open Shorin-ryu Division

 The Juko-Kai OPEN Shorin-ryu Karate Division accepts all recognized and qualified Shorin-ryu Instructors, regardless of style, for membership. Like the open Nihon-ryu division, each instructor may teach his or her art as they know it while having the opportunity to study our closed Shorin-ryu style. This division will accept recognized Shorin-ryu Karate instructors at the rank they currently hold once the instructor (and his school or association) is approved for Juko-Kai membership.