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About Juko-Ryu Aiki Inyo Jujutsu

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Juko-Ryu Kempo Jujutsu

Juko-ryu Kempo Jujutsu is our simple body contact method of combat Jujutsu. It contains the throws most commonly associated with old-style Jujutsu and from which modern day Judo originated. It is a highly effective, close-in fighting art that requires a Kempo (hard-fist or foot) technique prior to the actual throw, lock, sweep, reap, break, etc. This is the original system of Jujutsu that Soke Sacharnoski developed in 1961 and requires weapons training as well.

Juko-Ryu Aikijujutsu

Juko-ryu Aikijujutsu is an Aiki art that stresses coordinated mind, body, balance and breath. It specializes in circular throwing techniques and, like the combat-effective Jujutsu arts, utilizes Kempojutsu (hard-fist or foot) strikes prior  to throwing. This art also specializes in Toho (sword) and several other warrior weapons. Aikijujutsu is considered our higher form of Jujutsu training.

Juko-Ryu Non-Sport Judo (ISTJ)

Our Juko-ryu Non-Sport Traditional Judo division (International Society of Traditional Judo) is a separate, independent Judo association that is NOT connected to the sport judo factions. ISTJ members are NOT required to enter competition for rank—they are graded upon their knowledge and ability in judo. This branch also contains weapons and Kempojutsu as well as kata.