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Shian Toma’s Seidokan

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Shian Toma is the founder of the Okinawan art of Karate called Seidokan. A life of study has created this art, a personal extension of himself that is now shared around the world. Unusual in this art is the study of a grappling system called Motobu Bujutsu. Historically referred to as GoTenTe, or Palace hand, we now learn it under the name of Toide, thanks to the efforts of Shian Toma who earned his Shihan license directly under Seikichi Uehara, 13th generation grandmaster of Motobu-ryu. 

Shian Toma is unique in the world for his mastery of Okinawa’s hard karate traditions and it’s soft flowing mystery art of Toide. We know Soke Toma formally since Juko-Kai has maintained an authorized Seidokan division since the early 1980’s. He has been a tireless source of inspiration and knowledge. Please feel free to read up on Shihan Toma, the Seidokan, and Okinawa karate toide.

IOMAU:  International Okinawan Martial Arts Union

A bit of translation is in order. The kanji that spell out Seidokan are: Sei translates to truthful, righteous, correct; often called a way, path or discipline; and Kan which means building and by extension the organization that occupies a building. Thus Seidokan is the house of the righteous way. To follow the martial path is to constantly seek improvement in oneself. You start wherever you are and progress toward real honesty and a life with no need for regret. This state of living is very close to the meaning behind the English word righteous. It should not be construed as associated with organized religion, eastern or western.