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About Juko-Ryu Inyo Kempojutsu

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Juko-ryu Aiki Inyo Kempojutsu is a non-sport, non-kata, hard-fist combat art that was founded and developed by Soke Rod Sacharnoski as a method to open the door to an opponent’s attack, thus enabling the Kempojutsu practitioner to enter and control the attacker. The nice thing about Kempojutsu is that it can be utilized by all martial artists regardless of the art they represent.

Juko-ryu Kempojutsu, once inside the attackers attack, trains its practitioners to work in close proximity to the attacker which smothers the attackers punches or kicks. Kempojutsu stresses quick, powerful, Ki strikes, blows and kicks when entering the attack, which stuns or cripples the attacker. Locks, breaks or throws are then applied to take the attacker off his feet. Soke Sacharnoski designed Juko-ryu Kempojutsu to work with all Juko-ryu Bujutsu (combat) arts.