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About Juko-Kai International

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Membership Benefits

Benefits For Students
  1. Membership into a world renowned family organization
  2. Asian recognized and sponsored martial arts ranks
  3. Distinctive rank credentials.  Distinctive plastic membership card and auto decal
  4. No politics—–everyone has same equal opportunities for advancement
  5. Very reasonable membership and promotion fees
  6. Local, State, Regional and National Clinics
  7. Student Juko-Kai website for approved and current members
  8. Opportunity to study and earn rank in traditional Asian arts
  9. Opportunity to purchase Asian rank credentials from Japan
  10. Distinctive Juko-Kai patches for your martial arts uniform
  11. Opportunity to study Soke Sacharnoski’s world renown internal energy arts
  12. Any Juko-Kai member, regardless of rank, may attend and participate in any Juko-Kai sponsored event
How Judo-Kai Can Benefit Your School

JUKO-KAI INTERNATIONAL was founded in the year of 1961 and is one of the oldest martial arts organizations in the United States. Juko-Kai is a family oriented martial arts organization that has schools and representatives in numerous foreign countries. We know first hand how hard it is to run a traditional school and maintain the balance between your personal and professional lives. As teachers, we all tend to eat, sleep, and drink the martial arts. But without a balance that allows you a personal life, burn-out can happen. And that is bad news for you and your school. Juko-Kai members have access to the experience of a hombu staff, newsletters, and even training in dojo management. As a member you have the opportunity to learn and earn grading in new and exciting systems, which will boost the interest and morale of your students.

More Benefits of Membership

Juko-Kai has NO politics…everyone has the same equal opportunity to learn and advance in rank. You get out of training what you put into it. Juko-Kai has NO local officials…each Instructor reports to, and deals directly with the Central Hombu in all matters. NO money changes hands at local levels…again, each Instructor sends their fees directly to the Central Hombu and not to middlemen. Each Dojo Headmaster is an appointed representative of Juko-Kai. 

Juko-Kai has a 24 hour answering service and is fully computerized to handle all administrative items quickly and efficiently. Juko-Kai arts are Asian recognized and sponsored. You can expect for your rank promotions and membership items to be completed and in the mail within 7 working days from date of receipt. Juko-Kai has very distinctive rank credentials which are signed by Soke Sacharnoski and the Dojo Headmaster. All of our rank credentials plainly state our Asian sponsorship. Each division/art has its own distinctive patches. Our Instructors are permitted to grade to one level below their current rank…not to exceed Sandan. Fourth dan and above (Shihan levels) are awarded only by the Central Hombu. 

Each Dojo Headmaster has access to a monthly Juko-Kai Warrior newsletter. Each Dojo Headmaster is reviewed yearly to ascertain activity for promotional consideration. Juko-Kai issues traditional martial arts rank titles to all dan degrees. Juko-Kai has numerous local-level and regional clinics each year in a specified locations of the country. June of each year is the month that the National Dan Training and Awards Clinic is held in Dallas, TX. 

Juko-Kai has an outstanding videotape selection of all our arts. Local-level and/or Regional clinics may be requested in the art(s) of your choice. Expect the Central Hombu staff and all Juko-Kai officials and members to treat you with courtesy and respect. Expect to have the opportunity to learn new and exciting arts…Juko-Kai is renowned for this. Expect the opportunity to train in Soke Sacharnoski’s world famous Combat-Ki and Internal Energy arts.

All of this and a lot more…this is why many of our top dan degrees have been with Juko-Kai for 20, 25, and 30 years or more. If you are a Dojo Headmaster and operate your own school, with a minimum of 10 students or more, you owe it to yourself to complete the online application for membership. As a Dojo Headmaster, you will enjoy low fees and benefits and studies that few organizations in the world can provide. Juko-Kai always has room for good, honest, dedicated and motivated Sensei.