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About Juko-Kai Nihon-Ryu

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Juko-Kai Nihon-Ryu Budo and Bujutsu Division

The Juko-Kai Nihon-ryu (Japanese style) OPEN Division was initiated by Soke Rod Sacharnoski as a means to allow qualified martial artists to join Juko-Kai, teach their arts as they learned them, while having the opportunity to train and achieve rank in closed Juko-Ryu Bujutsu systems.

Soke Sacharnoski, in the 1970s, was one of the first Western masters to implement such a division. In those days, the only martial arts accepted were those of closed martial arts and ways, which resulted in a great many instructors having no recognition or association to belong to. Over the years, the Juko-Kai Nihon-Ryu division has proven itself to be a very valuable concept.