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Okinawan Kote-Kitae

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Okinawan Kote-kitae is an ancient training method of Okinawan karate-ka which relates to “body hardening.” While stationed on Okinawa in 1960, Rod Sacharnoski, Headmaster of Juko-Kai International®, was exposed to these body hardening methods while training under Nakamoto Shihan, which served as the basis for his Combat-Ki™ development. To give you some idea of what Kote-kitae training consists of:

Iron arm pounding is used to build up the forearms for blocking which required two practitioners striking each others tensed forearms to harden muscle tissue and sinews. Iron leg pounding required a partner to kick the various leg parts until the legs hardened enough to accept kicks without injury.

Iron body pounding required a partner to strike various parts of the chest, stomach and body to achieve the same hardening result. In addition to the above, other areas of the body such as the shins were also struck. A major benefit that Kote-kitae provided was to learn to control the pain associated with being struck and kicked repeatedly. Each week the process was lengthened to include being struck by sticks.

Sanchin training in kata form is a milder derivative of Kote-kitae. Seldom do you see body pounding any more, the old masters and systems are dying off with karate-jutsu being replaced with sport karate….which bears little resemblance to the traditional karate of old.