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The Three Toide Associations

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Motobu-ryu Toide of Okinawa

Is the original Toide art. It was originally known on Okinawa as Goten-Te  (palace hand), and in the native Okinawan language Hogan as Motobu Udun Di  (Motobu’s royal-place hand). The name Motobu-ryu is a modernization of the older, formal names. This 13 generation old system was directed by Seikichi Uehara, Soke/10th dan, up until his recent passing (he lived to be 100 years of age). Mainly taught to Okinawans, the system consists of Dance, Throws, Weapons, Sword, etc. The throws that Soke Uehara utilizes are applied with only enough force to subdue an opponent, and seems very similar to Aikido of Japan. A list of Motobu-ryu Shihan appears at the end of this document.*

Seidokan Toide of Okinawa

 Is headed by Shian Toma, Soke/10th dan. Shian Toma studied directly under Seikichi Uehara and earned a Shihan license in Motobu-ryu Toide. Soke Uehara gave Shian Toma permission to introduce Toide to the Western world to keep the art from dying. One of those selected to accomplish this task was Rod Sacharnoski, Headmaster of Juko-Kai International who is a 9th Dan Hanshi in Seidokan Karate, Kobudo, and Toide. 

Juko-Ryu Aiki Inyo Toide

(soft-hard coordinated mind-body-balance taking hand art) of the United States was founded by Rod Sacharnoski, Soke/10th dan. Soke Sacharnoski has been a member of the All Okinawa Seidokan Karate and Kobudo Renmei since 1982, and, as stated above, earned the rank of 9th Dan Hanshi in Seidokan Karate, Kobudo, and Toide. The main difference in the various Toide arts is that Soke Sacharnoski structured his Toide system as a total combat ryu (his throwing techniques are heavily influenced by the Aikijutsu and Jujutsu arts of Japan). Soke Sacharnoski does not teach O-dori (traditional Okinawan dance) such as Motobu-ryu does. Juko-ryu Toide specializes in numerous traditional weapons of Okinawa and Japan to include the Naginata, Yari, Bo, Sword, etc. 

*Reprinted From: Okinawan Karate by Mark Bishop, 1989, A & C Black Limited (publishers), page 155

Eight listed Motobu-ryu Shihan
graded by Seikichi Uehara, 13th Generation Soke:

  • Ryoko Chibana
  • Seiichi Taba
  • Takao Miyagi
  • Kentoku Kaneshiro
  • Chomei Motobu
  • Shian Toma
  • Yoshio Uehara
  • Yoshio Zaha