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Hall of Fame Inductees:

The Following Individuals were the first Juko-Kai members to be inducted into the Juko-Kai Hall of Fame:

•Shihan William Pearson, Louisiana
•Shihan Jimmy Gauthier, Louisiana
•Shihan Kirby Roy, Louisiana
•Shihan John W. Allen, Louisiana

Authorized Juko-Kai 10th Dans

The following martial artists are those Grandmasters who remain in good standing as a Juko-ryu Bujutsu 10th dan.

These listed 10th dans represent Juko-ryu only who teach and rade in a closed Juko-ryu Bujutsu art. This list does not include sponsored Sokeship 10th dans who teach and grade in their own arts.ng Individuals were the first Juko-Kai members to be inducted into the Juko-Kai Hall of Fame:

•James Gauthier, Louisiana, Juko-ryu Kempo Jujutsu
•Kirby Roy Jr., Louisiana, Juko-ryu Kempo Jujutsu
•Steve Tillson, Louisiana, 
Juko-ryu Kempo Jujutsu
•Mark Johnson, Texas, 
Shorin-ryu Karatejutsu
•Dan Nolan, Texas, 
Juko-ryu Jujutsu
•Frank Rex, Texas, 
Juko-ryu  Jujutsu
•Tom Mandell, Texas, 
Juko-ryu Jujutsu
•Bryan Bartell, Texas, 
Juko-ryu Jujutsu
•John Leopold, Minnesota, 
Juko-ryu Kempo-jutsu
•Richard Hamilton, Indiana, 
Juko-ryu Jujutsu
•Geoff Goodwin, Illinois, 
Shorin-ryu Karatejutsu
•Kevin Libby, Florida, 
Juko-ryu Toide

Combat Ki Masters

This very elite group of Internal Energy Masters have shown that they have what it takes to earn the highly regarded title of Combat-Ki Master.

They have successfully passed one of the most dangerous examinations known in the traditional Asian martial arts. The below named martial artists (after years of highly specialized training) were blindfolded and led to 8 different testing stations where high-level masters waited to strike and kick them. After each test the strikes and kicks were changed so there was no set pattern to the examination. If they were knocked down, knocked out, or injured in any way, they would have to ask to re-test once again—-if they were able to stand. As of this date, no one has ever been injured….an obvious testament to their training and skills which were taught to them by Soke Rod Sacharnoski, founder of this world famous, one-of-a-kind martial art that has been viewed by millions worldwide via television, motion pictures and the media. Only a small handful of Masters will ever belong to this special group.

•Bryan Bartell, USA
•Michel Belisle, Canada
•J.J. Britt, USA

•Joseph Drousal, USA

•James Gauthier, USA

•Geoff Goodwin, USA

•Richard Hamilton, USA

•Joey Harvey, USA

•Schellas Hyndman, USA 

•Mark Johnson, USA

•Kevin Libby, USA

•Mike Love, USA

•Paul Mathews, USA
•Randy Marvel, USA
•Sean Mayeux, USA
•Dan Nolan, USA
•Kirby Roy III, USA
•William Shannon, USA
•Steven Tillson, USA
•John Willson, Canada

*This list consists only of current, authorized and active Juko-Kai members in good standing with Juko-Kai International.