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The TAI-KI © (body internal energy) art was founded by Soke Rod Sacharnoski in the year of 1961. This special system is a Japanese based exercise style that is similar to Chinese Tai Chi. Both arts are practiced for the improvement of one’s health. TAI-KI© is a gentle, controlled method of exercise that is performed in a slow and relaxed manner, which encourages joint movement and balance. Where TAI-KI© differs from Tai Chi is that each TAI-KI© movement contains Rod Sacharnoski’s world-famous Ki-Life™ Breathing methods.

With on-going practice, this type of breathing has been shown to strengthen the heart, lungs and respiratory system and is very beneficial to ones overall health. TAI-KI© is an excellent art for people of all ages that can be practiced in the privacy of the home. TAI-KI© offers all of the same health benefits that Tai Chi does. A study supporting the fact that even mild physical activity can have enormous benefit when performed on a regular basis can be found in The Alternative Newsletter, December 2003, written by Dr. David G. Williams. 

TAI-KI© is a formal Juko-ryu art, and has a rank structure. As one gains proficiency, and passes the required examination for a specific rank level, they are promoted and issued a distinctive grading certificate. Upon earning the TAI-KI© Teachers License, they are then eligible to apply to the Juko-Kai Hombu (headquarters) to open a Juko-Kai TAI-KI© school at which time they can teach this registered system and teach/promote students under Juko-Kai sanction.