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Juko-Ryu Combat Ki

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Juko-ryu Combat-Ki™ (combat internal energy) was founded in the 1960s by Soke Rod Sacharnoski, a world renowned martial artist. His special one-of-a-kind system trains practitioners (who volunteer for this training) to accept full-power punches, kicks and strikes to the vital areas of the human body without injury. Combat-Ki™ is noted as one of the most amazing and dangerous demonstrations in the martial arts. Combat-Ki™ techniques are based upon internal energy breathing in conjunction with coordinated mind, body, and breath control. 

Learning Combat-Ki™ is an on-going process that involves a great deal of specialized training. Some of the better-known television shows that Soke Sacharnoski and his Combat-Ki™ demonstrations have been featured on are: You Asked For It, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not,  Seeing Is Believing, The Discovery Channel’s Way Of The Warrior, Univision, ABC’s Wide World Of Sports, The Discovery Channel’s More Than Human, The Learning Channel’s Ultimate 10 Martial Arts, Fit TV, and The Steve Harvey’s Big Time Show in Hollywood.

and several Japanese Martial Arts television specials that featured Japanese K-1 champions who punched and kicked the Combat-Ki™ team members. As a point of interest, The Learning Channel’s Ultimate 10 Martial Arts named Rod Sacharnoski’s Combat-Ki™ as the world’s 5th best ultimate martial art. Soke Sacharnoski’s Combat-Ki™  is taught only to Juko-Kai members, and not the general public. He does have special Combat-Ki courses for law enforcement and military personnel. Contact us for more information.