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Interational Ki Association

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Juko-Kai International Ki Association

Founded in 1961, the Juko-Kai International Ki Association is one of our most renown divisions; it contains Soke Rod Sacharnoski’s special Ki (Internal Energy) arts. Below is a brief description of these systems which are only taught to Juko-Kai members.

Combat-Ki ™ 

This is the world famous, one of a kind art that has been featured on numerous nationally televised programs and which has been demonstrated throughout the United States and in many foreign countries to include Japan. Basically, Combat-Ki™ training permits the practitioner to accept full power punches, strikes, and kicks to the vital areas of the human body without injury.

Tai-Ki ©  

Tai-Ki © is Soke Sacharnoski’s special Ki-Breath Soft Exercise art that is very similar to Tai Chi.  Tai-Ki © is a name that he formulated to distinguish his method as Japanese derived. Where this art differs from Tai Chi is that it contains Rod Sacharnoski’s special Ki-Life™ breathing methods which are performed with each exercise or kata movement. Ki-Life™ is a name that Soke Sacharnoski coined in 1961to reflect his Ki-Breath™ methods for improving one’s overall health and longevity. Juko-Kai members get to study all of the stated systems which are taught throughout the year at Juko-Kai clinics.