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About Juko-Ryu Aiki Inyo Toide

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In the late 1980s, Rod Sacharnoski, Soke, founded Juko-ryu Aiki Inyo Toide (soft-hard coordinated mind-body-balance taking-hand art) after earning his Shihan license in Seidokan Toide of Okinawa. Soke Sacharnoski, a renown Jujutsu, Judo, Toide and Aiki throwing master, structured his Toide art on various combative throwing systems of Okinawa and Japan which he studied throughout his lifetime.

Juko-ryu Aiki Inyo Toide was designed to work in direct conjunction with Shorin-ryu Karatejutsu and Kobujutsu, thus forming a total combat martial art. A Juko-ryu Toide student must achieve proficiency in numerous weapons which include, but are not limited to, the Sai, Tonfa, Nunchaku, Bo, Kama, Jo, Katana, Naginata, Yari, Ekku, Kusari-gama, Kougi, Tanto, Tekko, etc. Juko-Kai also maintains a formal Seidokan Toide division under the authority of Shian Toma, Soke/10th Dan, Headmaster of the All Okinawa Seidokan Karate and Kobudo Renmei, Okinawa/Japan.

On September 01, 2001, Rod Sacharnoski was graded to 9th Dan Hanshi in Seidokan Karate, Kobudo and Toide by Soke Toma. Shian Toma earned his Shihan license in Motobu-ryu Toide directly under the late Seikichi Uehara, 13th Generation Successor to the Royal Imperial Family Art known as GoTenTe (palace hand)…the oldest Ti art of Okinawa. Upon being appointed as the successor to the oldest art of Okinawa, Soke Uehara changed the name from GoTenTe to Motobu-ryu Bujutsu to honor the Motobu family.

To learn more about Shian Toma and his Karate and Toide history, read the well-written articles by Bill Durbin on this website. You may also want to read about Soke Uehara, 13th Generation Headmaster of Motobu-ryu Bujutsu, in the excellent publication “Okinawan Karate, Teachers, Styles and Secret Techniques” by Mark Bishop, 1989, A & C Black Publishers Limited. In this book you will see the names of those Okinawans earning Shihan licenses under Soke Uehara….note that Shian Toma’s name is one of the eight listed.